BallBuster Soap Sticks are composed of soluble surface tension reducers and organic solids. These two components work together to first soften and then to blast away all accretions of clays on the bit and drill collars.

The result is increased R.O.P. and decreased well costs.

BallBuster Sticks are inserted into the drill pipe when making a connection. The sticks quickly dissolve into the drilling mud, separate into two phases, and impart a two-shot action, first softening the clays and then eliminating them from all metal surfaces.

BallBuster can be used in straight hole or deviated wells, with any type of mud system. The particle size of 400 to 900 micros will not affect downhole tools.


Do not alter drilling mud properties.

Provides the benefit where it is needed at the bit and around the collars.

Does not harm mud pumps.

Contains no hazardous chemicals.


Treatment takes only three seconds per connection.

100% Bio-degradable.

Not hazardous to production zones.

Compatible with all tyes of drilling fluids, including oil muds.

Not abrasive to metal surfaces, including bits, nozzles, collars and down hole tools.

Comes packaged in weather resistant thermal bags, 24 sticks per bag.

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